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Shirt Race

The Eynsham Shirt Race was first run in 1958 and has been run every year since. It is reputedly the second oldest pram race in the country with Bampton taking title of the very very oldest!

On Carnival day the brave and feckless assemble at the school lay-by in Witney Road at 11.30am in fantabulous fancy dress, each team armed with a non motorised vehicle, designed, engineered & built to last the seven furlongs.

The Shirt Race is run with the two person teams 'running' the seven furlongs, which,just so happens to take in seven pubs, with each team swapping pusher and vehicle rider at each pub, after indulging in a quick half.

Commencing at 12:15pm the first team to reach the White Hart wins.

Entry fee is £2.50 for all participants. Full details on the Shirt Race Website. Or go to their Facebook page.


  • The Men's Trophy (in memory of Bill Allsworth) is awarded to the first male pair to cross the finish line.
  • Ladies Trophy (in memory of Suzanne Wastie) is awarded to the first female pair to cross the finish line.
  • Mixed Pairs Trophy is awarded to the first male and female pair to cross the finish line.
  • The Darnell's Nut Award is for the most over engineered home made method of transport.
  • There are also prizes for the top 5 teams and for the best fancy dressed and decorated vehicles.

In order to be able to compete in the above activity ALL competitors are reminded that they take part entirely at their own risk.

No responsibility for any injury or damage however caused, to any participant or any other third party arising from the running of the race is accepted by the event organisers.

Only competitors accepting this condition will be allowed to take part.